Muschamp Rumors Won’t Go Away


Randy Muschamp Rumors Wont Go Away


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Randy Muschamp Rumors Wont Go Away
Randy Muschamp Rumors Wont Go Away

Muschamp Rumors Won’t Go Away

With news that Texas Athletic Director Deloss Dodds will likely receive a contract extension in the midst of the turbulence surrounding possible conference realignment, speculation has started anew about the future of Will Muschamp at Texas.

The obvious ramification is that the extension will delay Mack Brown’s possible move from head coach to athletic director, a move that Texas continues to deny.

The next step for football writers looking to find something to talk abut in the off-season is to start speculating about Muschamp becoming impatient and taking another job, speculation fueled in some measure by Brown not only refusing to give a timetable, but seemingly feeling more comfortable in his job than at any other point in his tenure at Texas.

So in wades the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Tony Barnhart, one of the most respected college football writers around, teasing that Muschamp “could be available for the 2011 season” and basically laying out the current situation as described above.

The point of all this is just that Texas fans needs to be prepared for this type of speculation several times a year until Mack Brown steps down as coach — it’s a fabric of the landscape now. And, hey, that’s better than the alternative, which is watching Coach Boom from afar as he leads another team.

Oh yeah, and it’s also a slow news day in the world of Texas sports (I’mjustasbadastheyareforusingthesameexcuse).

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