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Randy Randys Longhorns Blog
Randy Randys Longhorns Blog

Randy’s Longhorns Blog
By Randy Maltz – Our own featured writer at Silver and Blue Report and Hook’em Report
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From what I understand, Bryan Harsin will be QB coach and call the plays. Major and Harsin will both run scheme. Major will stick with the Running Backs. All decision will run through Harson, but both Harsin and Applewhite will work side by side. Harsin will have complete control of the offense.

I think this is fantastic for Major, because he will learn from one of the best in Harsin. Since Applewhite came aboard, he has not seen any kind of running game nor had a running guru to learn from. I see Harsin leaving in a few years for bigger and better things and Major will be 100% ready to be the OC at that time. I know it is very early, but Major Applewhite reminds me of Jason Garrett. I can see Applewhite being a leading candidate for the Head Coaching job when Mack Brown steps down. I have heard that Applewhite, just like Jason Garrett can “work a room”.

Recruiting is going to change too. Harsin and Major will have control.

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