NCAA and NBA one-and done rule


Randy NCAA and NBA one and done rule


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Randy NCAA and NBA one and done rule
Randy NCAA and NBA one and done rule

NBA’s One-And-Done Rule Has Made A Mess Of Basketball
By the Sportz Assassin

Kentucky Anthony Davis 2 300x261 NCAA and NBA one and done ruleBelow is a fantastic article about the NCAA/NBA one-and done rule .. enjoy!  It directly relates to Rick Barnes, University of Texas, and the Texas Longhorns Basketball Team.  Randy

I will be up front about this: I have liked the NBA’s one-and-done rule. I am one of those crazy people who LOVE both the college and pro game equally. So seeing these top talents wearing college uniforms for a season or so and then having these kids coming into the League with some sort of top-level experience is great for me.

But that’s about it.

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